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Construction Materials

Construction Materials / 14ymedio
Posted on February 7, 2016

14ymedio, Havana, 5 February 2016 – Building or repairing a house in
Cuba is a road strewn with obstacles, which begin with getting the
permits, finding labor and buying materials. Despite the new programs to
locally produce aggregates and blocks, the providers can't keep up in
the face of the high demand in a country where more than 60% of housing
units are in fair or poor condition.

Sales of construction materials are also marked by the so-called
"diversion" (i.e. stealing) of resources, mismanagement, the arbitrary
behavior of prices and the shortages of products in greatest demand:
cement, iron bars, and cement and zinc tiles.

At places where these products are sold in Cuban pesos, often missing
are doors, windows, bathroom fixtures, paint, plastic parts for piping
and hydraulic and sanitary fittings. The situation becomes even more
critical with mosaics and tiles, concrete joists and water tanks.

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